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10 Study Tips: How to Concentrate on Studies (Watch Video in Hindi)

1. Right Time Table: In this Video we will learn about how to create right Time Table to for study at home.
  • Think big, Start Small: You should set a big target with small initial steps. Habituate and concentrate your mind to study like a Tortoise and finally win the race. Don’t be a Hare to lose the race. Improve your seating habit. Initially start with 15-20 minutes followed by 10 minutes break and should repeat the process. Increase your seating time day by day.

  • Peak Concentration Time: Every human body have their own property. Everyone have different habits, mind power and constriction level too. You need to identify your peak constriction time. You must include this peak constriction time in Time Table. Ideal sleep time for a human body is 7-8 hours in a single day. Sleep much to study more.
2. Sufficient Sleep: Our reaction time will go slow until or unless we do not sleep well. Efficiency and mind concentration level of our body decreases due to lack of sleep. If you sleep well, you will be look fresh concentrated and energetic during study. Your mind will absorbs more and more. Your mind's concentration will in study rather than the wake. Listen, spend 7-8 hours sleeping time in you bed room, not in class room or bus, car etc. As per the American and French researchers, sleepiness makes you forgetful. Mean due to the lack of sleep, every thing will wiped out simultaneously what you read.

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